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Legend Fitness 965 Combo Jungle Gym (965)


Legend Fitness is an international fitness equipment manufacturer based in East Tennessee. The folks here are more likely to speak of pickup trucks than private jets and since 1977 we have brought the sense of value and hard work the South is known for to the strength and fitness equipment world. People here know the value of a dollar and of a job well done. As a result, we build everything right here in Maynardville, Tennessee instead of unloading it from a ship on the coast. From the simplest plate holder to the towering Pro Series Power Cage, our standards of detail and quality can be seen in every welded joint and powder-coated finish. We are proud to say that we're not the only ones that feel that way. From professional and collegiate sports teams to government agencies and health clubs, our equipment can be found all over the world helping athletes and average folks to forge themselves into something stronger and fitter than yesterday. Fitness is a growing business with scores of manufacturers building thousands of products, but even among those numbers Legend Fitness stands proudly above the others for building the strongest, most reasonably priced, American-made equipment in the industry.
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Legend Fitness 965 Combo Jungle Gym (965) Details

A complete gym right here, this could be the solution to all of your training needs.

Includes a Cable Crossover with two 150lb. weight stacks, a Multi Press Combo with a 200lb. stack, Leg Extension/Curl Combo with 200lb. stack, Lat Pulldown/Row Combo with 200lb. weight stack, and a Bicep/Tricep Combo station with 150lbs.

NOTE: The Cable Crossover and Bicep/Tricep Combo feature 2:1 reduction, meaning that any selected weight will feel lighter by half due to an additional pulley between the user and the weight stack.

All weights stacks can be upgraded by 50 or 100 lbs.

Shipping Weight: 2284lbs.
Measurements: (LxWxH):158"X158"X91"

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