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Life Fitness 9100 Next Generation Treadmill - Remanufactured (r9100-NG)


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Life Fitness 9100 Next Generation Treadmill - Remanufactured (r9100-NG) Details
The Life Fitness 9100 Treadmill has all the features you need for a great workout. Durable and easy to move around the home or gym, this model boasts advanced features like an automatic belt-lubrication system and a FlexDeck Shock Absorption unit that make tackling the treadmill just a bit more fun. In fact, you should experience up to 30% less pounding on your back and joints compared with other treadmills. Since the Life Fitness 9100 Treadmill comes with a wider-than-normal tread & longer side-handrails, you’ll enjoy a more secure experience, too. The internal motor is a strong 4.0 HP unit, and the machine can accommodate payloads of up to 350 lbs. A number of other amenities put the 9100 Treadmill ahead of its time; for starters, all workout controls and data are placed on a lower-level console, making it simpler to operate the machine without moving around magazines or other material. Heart-rate sensors are located on an easy-to-reach Ergo crossbar so you don’t have to fumble around to determine your correct training zone. You won’t find automatic cool-down or Smart Stop Belt Systems on other treadmills, either. All Life Fitness 9100 treadmills are fully-compatible with personal network and entertainment options. For an affordable price, this handsome and heavy-duty unit should find a spot on your gym or home floor, with little or no sweat.

Dimensions: 83" X 37" X 62"
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